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Ba Fan Men - The dynamic, unrelenting fists of Northern China

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Taiping Bafan Quan


One of the older martial arts of China is known as Ba Fan Men (八翻门),also referred to as Fan zi quan (翻子拳), Ba Fan Zi Men (八翻子门), Ba Shan Fan (八闪翻) and Duan Da (短打). Originally from Shandong, but disseminated through Hebei province. Nowadays, the most common known Fanziquan is from Dongbei and is known for its speed and has often been combined with other martial arts to enhance their effectiveness.

The skill of Bafanmen and the principles are essential to combat and martial arts prowess. The older style of Bafanmen is still practised in the regions of Hebei such as Gaoyang, Sunning, Cangzhou and neighbouring villages. Whilst the Dongbei Fanziquan is popular in Dongbei (North East) and Gansu (North West) regions of North China. The key principles of Bafanmen lay on the interchanges and rotations of the attacks and defense.




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