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Chuojiao - The Warrior's Art from Northern China

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Taiping Chuojiao


Chuojiao is one of the ancient martial arts of China which was propagated in Zhili (today’s Hebei province, China). It was legendarily developed over 1,000 years ago as legend has it during the Song Dynasty by Master Deng Liang, who had develoepd 18 fundamental kicking methods on the basis of cuju (Ancient Chinese Football) and combined them effectively in battle. Chuojiao means 'Piercing Foot' and indicates the strength in developing strong and effective legwork/kicking methods. Throughout history many legendary heroes and masters were practioners of Chuojiao, such as Master Zhou Tong (Teacher of General Yue Fei) and the outlaw Wu Song (from the classical novel "Heroes of the Water Margin")

Chuojiao's reputation is so lethal that a common saying was -
" Once Chuojiao is released (upon an opponent), if not killed then would be fataly wounded, 戳脚一出,非死即伤’"

Chuojiao is a very complete martial art system that encompasses the development of the full arsenal empty hand, internal development and traditional weaponry. With tactical and distinctive boxing methods, powerfully deadly kicking techniques, dynamic Shenfa (Body methods) and advanced ground fighting (Ditangquan), Chuojiao is one of the most comprehensive traditional chinese martial arts systems. Chuojiao was developed through countless generations in war and rebellion, designed for battle. Substantial training in weaponry and combat strategy is included throughout.

The full name of Chuojiao has sometimes been referred to as 'Jiufan Yubu Yuanyang Gougua Lianhuan Xuankong Chuojiao' or [9 Changes, resisiting/wardoff Step Mandarin Ducks Hooking and Hanging Continuouos airborne Piercing Feet]. Jiu fan refer to the two Wen and Wu Tangzi sets with 9 routines each. Yu Bu is a classical leg/stepping method in Chuojiao. Gougua lianhuan refer to another classical method but more so to the mutual interchange between movements as elaborated by the mandarin duck kicks. Xuankong refers to the kicking into the air and Chuojiao means Piercing Foot. Chuojiao is also deemed to be a representative of the ancient Wenjia boxing which had been recognised as been one of the best martial arts during the time of Chang Naizhou (1724-1783)  in his records. It is truely representative of Northern martial arts and requires a lot of effort to practice.




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