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Yingmen Quan - The powerful short range methods from the Yue family descendants

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Taiping Yingmen Quan


Ying Men Quan (硬门拳), also known as Yue Jia Quan, Hongmenquan, Pingxiang Nanquan, Ying Zi Men and Yue Jia Chui, is in fact a collective naming used that arised in Jiangxi a few hundred years ago mainly to differentiate with Zimenquan. However, Yingmenquan consists of a few different varieties with different origins which then latter we practiced as one by some practitioners. The variants of Yingmenquan include Pingxiang Nanquan (Yingmenquan) in the west of jiangxi, which is a boxing method originating from the Hong Men society and shares commonality with that practiced in neighbouring Hunan province. Yue Jia Quan (岳家拳,Yue Family Boxing) of the North of Jiangxi such as Jiujiang and in west Yichun shares common ancestory with the neighbouring Hubei style (in Wuxue and Huangmei counties) and originates from the descendants of the sons of Yue Fei (his wife and children resided in the north of Jiangxi/east of Hubei areas during the Southern Song Dynasty. The third major type of Yingmenquan is practiced in the western areas of Jiangxi and is likely a mix of Yuejiaquan with other styles such as Hong men and Huzunquan from Fujian.

One of the uniques aspects of Yingmenquan is the range of techniques are immense and although sharing attributes like other systems of the south it is structured in a very simple manner as the sets are often short with emphasis on practical application. This style is very rare outside of Jiangxi which is a shame given it's great history, techniques and effectiveness.

Our focus will attempt to be broad but the emphasis from a content perspective is based on that from the Taiping Institute, which is the Yuejiaquan variety as practiced throughout Jiangxi such as Nanchang and concentrated in Jiujiang and Yichun.





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